Saturday, February 04, 2006


This first post on this blog is a reflection on the motivations behind its creation. (Actually it is a “test” post to get this group blawg started, but I wanted to write something substantial, so here we are.) According to the subheading it is about human rights, humanitarian law, and international criminal law and we, the bloggers to be, are young legal academics whose special interests lie in said fields of international law. (There probably will be a more in depth introduction of those involved in a later post by the time this blog is finally up and running.)
Neither our profession nor our special interests however, may totally explain why we decided to start this thingy. Some attendant circumstances may have influenced this decision.

In my opinion this may have been that:

1. We are blessed to work in an academic environment that taught us how important it is to exchange views and opinions, to get nudged when something interesting happens. At least two of us realised (one a long time ago the other just recently) that the blogosphere shares some of the features also found in such an academic environment.

2. Currently so many things are happening in our field of interests, there are so many problems to discuss, and we have to protect the ongoing work on our dissertations against the urge to write articles on the relevant legal issues.

3. We have to discuss said issues anyhow, so why not start a group blawg.


Blogger zoca said...

First comment is mine, hip hip hooray :).

Welcome to the blogosphere--seems like quite an ambitious blawg project you guys undertake. Props!

04 February, 2006 17:55  

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