Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ICC postings will begin shortly

I have finally clarified all the details regarding posting on the blog while I am at the ICC.
In the following days, I will put up a couple of posts to lay the groundwork and show the situation in which the Court finds itself at the moment. After that, I will try to keep up with major new developments as they occur.

Even though what follows should go without saying, let me make two short disclaimers to the ICC-related posts that will follow:
  • First, what I write in this blog is obviously my own opinion and does not (necessarily) reflect that of the ICC or any of its organs.

  • Second, I will limit myself to information that is publicly available, especially decisions available on the Court’s website. Of course, having access to other information might sometimes color my reading of the public documents -- to avoid any potential problems, my posting in the next months will probably be a little more restrained and “positivist” than before.


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